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I also do website maintenance and help secure websites with WordPress.
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Here are a few of the many websites that I have built.
Sheri Frushay

Sheri Frushay

Musician - Performing Artist

Born and bred in Austin Texas, Sheri grew up on the road with her father-country hit maker from the 60’s Ray Frushay. Her own songs have the same simple honesty that makes you want to cry, or laugh, or just get up and dance!

Lonewolf Kentucky Art

Lonewolf Kentucky Art


Vicki “Lonewolf” Thompson is from the hills of Southern Ohio with maternal Native American roots in Grundy, VA and Elkhorn City, KY. Vicki is an incredible artist. Her paintings are amazing.

Arthur Strout

Arthur Strout

Musician and performing artist

Music industry has been at the core of Arthur's experience for more than 30 years,includeing performance, recording, and composition as part of the bands: “Hall and Oats”, “Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)”, “Duran Duran”, “Outcast”, “ABC Band”, “Flock of Seagulls” and others.

Native Lore.
Stories history and all things Native American.

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